The Air OPUS comes with a range of optional extras to make your camping trips more comfortable and convenient. Give your Air OPUS a personal touch with your choice of fridge/freezer, shower options, camper movers and other additions. Contact us today for a 20 minute phone consultation or a free one-hour demo.

OP4 Hit The Road Pack

Looking to get going on your AirOPUS adventure straight away? Our OP4 Hit The Road Pack* includes our most popular optional items (see below for details) that will have you ready to hit the road immediately.**

The Hit The Road Pack includes:

  • CSK100 Complete Security Kit - $365.00 (fits standard 50mm tow-hitch)

  • Camec Camper Trailer Cover - $278.00

  • Powertech 200W Solar Blanket - $479.00

  • Elecbrakes Portable Electric Brake Controller plus 7 pin plug and play adapter plus remote - $1,345.00

  • Dometic Fridge/Freezer CFX3-95DZ  - $2,379.00

  • Portable RCD with 15A to 10A Mains Plug Conversion plus 10m Heavy Duty 15A Mains Extension Cable - $145.00

  • 1 Pack of EZY Anchors - value $105.50 - INCLUDED AT NO CHARGE


*Please contact us for info on the OP2 Hit The Road Pack.

**All our OP4 and OP2 units come road-ready; price per unit includes ORC (on-road costs), EWOF, gas cert, air annexe, warranties and GST.

All prices subject to change without notice.

Carry bikes, canoes and kayaks on top of your OPUS Camper with the genuine roof rack. Radically increase your carrying capacity and take all your toys on your next OPUS adventure. There's a reason almost all our OPUS camper trailers sell with one of these installed. 

The OPUS Camper roof rack comes fitted to your OP4 or OP2 with installation included in the price. Supports up to 200kg of weight and easily swings up and out of the way to set up your camper.



OPUS Roof Rack


OPUS Roof Rack

OP2 Folding Dish Rack 


Increase the usable space in your Air Opus 2 camper trailer with a folding dish rack. This item can be fitted to your OP2 existing roll out kitchen and is a must have.


Portable Gas Water Heater 


Enjoy hot water anywhere with this easy to use, portable gas water heater. Featuring a compact, portable design so that you can have instant hot water on the go. Plug in and go operation, just plug in your gas, water in and water out and you're ready to go.


Adjustable temperature and water flow and the water will heat to your desired temperature up to 45°C, which is shown on the LED display.

Adjustable three spray pattern handset for all uses


Supplied with 1.5m water inlet hose, 1.2m LPG hose, shower head and 2m hose


Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 8.54.43 PM.png

Custom Hot Water

Plumbing Kit


The hot water plumbing kit has been custom designed for your OP2 or OP4 to enable you to rapidly and easily connect your Athanor hot water system to your shower or kitchen and enjoy instant hot water wherever you are.

The kit provides all the necessary hoses and fixtures including: 

  • 1 x gas hose connector with bayonet connection

  • 2 x Nitto / hose adaptors

  • 2 x 1.5m length hoses with connections

One of our most popular upgrades, this is an essential piece of kit for your portable hot water system.

Hot_Water_Plumbing_Kit 1.jpg

This large volume tent making it easy to move around inside. The Kampa Loo Loo Toilet/Shower Tent is easy to set up and take down.
Roll back front door
Rear vent
1200 x 1200mm at base
2250mm height
Includes pole, guy lines and pegs
Comes in storage bag
Shower hook not designed to support a solar shower. Please only attach a shower handset

Kampa Shower/Toilet Tent


Kampa Toilet:Shower Tent.png

This expandable length PVC outlet drain hose expands from 1.4m to 4.1m. It is designed to comfortably handle the temperature of the water coming from your Athanor hot water system.

Comes with Hansen reducing socket and hex joiner to fit your Air OPUS sink.


  • Operating Temperature 0 to 60

  • Flow rate up to 22 litres/min

  • Suitable for a washing machine, dishwasher and your OPUS of course!

Expandable Hot Water Drain Hose 1.4 - 4.1m Grey


OPUS Drain Hose.jpg

Nemesis Wheel Clamp


Built with composite metals, resistant to cutting, drilling and gas freezing. Incorporating a seven-pin anti-pick and anti-drill locking bolt with a tubular anti-copy key. Strong, secure and tough, it remains quick and easy to fit.

Suitable for steel and alloy wheels. New Model, ‘one size fits all’ – suitable for on and off road wheels up 17″ and tyres up to 275mm cross-section. 

Nemesis  wheel clamp.jpg

CSK100 Complete Security Kit (for Standard 50mm hitch)


Samurai Universal Wheel Clamp and the Saracen Hitch Lock. The new Complete Security Kit is an all-in-one combination of hitch lock and wheel clamp that makes life a whole lot harder for thieves. It combines the Samurai wheel clamp and Saracen hitch lock in one compact, easy-to-use kit. 


***Hitch Lock Does not fit ARK XO nor AL-KO 50mm Off-road Couplings***

CSK100_Complete Security Kit.png

Kovix KVH-96
*****Fits AL-KO Off-road 50mm Coupling*****


Built tough to secure your OPUS. The motion activated 120dB alarm will be sure to get any potential thieves running. With its hoop extension the KVH-96 fits most brands of couplings.

  • 120dB motion triggered alarm

  • Solid 304 stainless steel construction

  • Saw and drill resistant

  • Weatherproof

  • Long life Lithium battery

  • Fits wide range of 50mm hitches including the ARK XO Off road 3.5T Coupling

  • On and off alarm modes

  • Water resistant electronics

Kovix KVH-96 (1).png
Kovix 96.png

CSK 400 Complete Security Kit (For DO35 Hitch)


Samurai Wheel Clamp.png
Saracen DO35.png

Samurai Universal Wheel Clamp and the Saracen Off-Road Hitch Lock.

The new Complete Security Kit is an all-in-one combination of hitch lock and wheel clamp that makes life a whole lot harder for thieves. It combines the Samurai wheel clamp and Saracen hitch lock in one compact, easy-to-use kit.

E-Go Titanium Caravan Mover



e-go Titanium sets a new benchmark in affordable, top quality caravan movers. Fitted with the same alloy-bodied drive units as our top-of-the-range e-go models, they are amazing value.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to move your camper trailer. Whether squeezing it into a tight spot at home, or manoeuvring effortlessly around a caravan park, just engage the drives and you have total push-button control.

E-Go_Titanium Mover.png

E-Go Platinum

Caravan Mover


Manoeuvre big vans and trailers effortlessly with e-go Platinum electric remote control movers.

e-go Platinum delivers maximum manoeuvring power for tough Aussie caravans – it is the mover of choice for big dual-axle vans up to 3.5 tonnes. Unlike powered jockey wheels, it drives the wheels that carry most of a van’s weight, with obvious traction benefits on gradients and loose surfaces.


E-Go Quickey Removable Mover


E-Go QuicKEY is an ultra-powerful mover that has been designed and engineered to mount to a quick release bracket.

E-Go QuicKEY has been specifically designed for caravans and camper trailers, whose owner likes to go off-road and/or travel light – they want a mover but do not want it permanently attached.



Portable Inverter Generator


The Dometic PGE121 portable inverter generator is the ideal power source for long OPUS camping trips where power isn’t readily available.


Thanks to the powerful pure sine wave technology, the PGE121 can generate power to charge your batteries and power sensitive electronic appliances such as air conditioners, laptops, portable fridge/freezers, and power tools.


  • High Quality Materials - Strong construction for Rugged Adventures

  • Telescopic Handle - Easily extendable handle to suit your height

  • Multiple Output Options - 12V DC, 240V AC or USB Power

  • Robust Built-in Wheels - Easy manoeuvering on rough surfaces 

DOMETIC PGE121 Generator.png

95L Brass Monkey Dual Zone Fridge / Freezer


Finished in a sleek, durable plastic case, it's the perfect companion to any trip. Both the 95L and 75L are dual zone with heavy duty internal insulation too. These fridges can be monitored and controlled by the Brass Monkeys App, available for iOS and Android. You will be very pleased with these fridges, designed for many years of service, and backed by a three year warranty. 


Brass Monkey 95l Closed.jpg
Brass Monkey 95l Open.jpg


75L Brass Monkey Dual Zone Fridge / Freezer

Dometic Waeco

CFX3-75DZ Dual-Zone Fridge/Freezer


 DOMETIC WAECO CFX3- 75DZ, the fridge for people on the move.

This highly impressive 75 l dual zone fridge/freezer is an extra large energy efficient compressor dual zone portable fridge and freezer with two independent compartments and innovative WiFi app for setting, controlling and monitoring temperatures. Easily set any combination of fridge or freezer, as required. It is equipped with rugged features so is tough enough to endure the harshest conditions when on the move or camping.


Dometic Waeco

CFX3-95DZ Dual-Zone Fridge/Freezer


 DOMETIC WAECO CFX3-95DZ, the fridge for people on the move.

This highly impressive 95 l dual zone fridge/freezer is an extra large energy efficient compressor dual zone portable fridge and freezer with two independent compartments and innovative WiFi app for setting, controlling and monitoring temperatures. Easily set any combination of fridge or freezer, as required. It is equipped with rugged features so is tough enough to endure the harshest conditions when on the move or camping.


King Bed Upgrade

Cushions (OP4 only)


Convert your OP4 rear double bed into a king with the king bed cushion upgrade, and make the most of your space! Additional leatherette custom cushions enable you to easily switch out the lounge seating with a bed extension, increasing your bed size from the double (1260 x 1830mm) to a north-south facing king (2180 x 1830mm). One of our most popular upgrades for the OP4.

AirOPUS king bed upgrade

Self-containment certification & Kit
******AKLD Branch only******


Looking to camp a little further afield than your regular campsites? Then you may need to be certified self-contained in accordance with the New Zealand Standards for Self-Containment of Motor Caravans and Caravans. 

With this kit we take the hassle out of self-containment certification, enabling you to drive away your AirOPUS ready to go off the beaten track in full compliance with NZS 5465:2001. 

This kit and certification enables self-containment for up to 3 people. To extend the certification to allow for more occupants, more equipment would be required - please enquire for details.

Self containment certification NZ.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 12.13.40 PM.pn

LED Lights


Light up your space with these warm LED strips, designed for AirOPUS tents. Includes cables that can be hidden inside your airbeam sleeves and dimmer switches for each part of your camper annexe.

Includes 2x dimmers and 4 x LED light strips.


Powertech Foldable 160w Solar Panel


Have you ever needed power well off the beaten track? The Powertech 160w Folding Solar Panel is the answer! It will provide clean energy to your AirOPUS battery system and  enable you to run your fridge and still have enough to trickle charge your batteries. With no continuing humming sound, or engine fumes like a generator, you can go anywhere.

The Powertech 160w comes with a 5m extension lead Anderson to eye terminals and Anderson to Alligator Clips plus a heavy duty carry bag and durable fold out legs that allow for varying degrees of tilt. 

Powertech 160W Foldable Solar Panel.jpg
Powertech Solar panel Cables.jpg

Powertech 200W Solar Blanket with Accessories


Blanket solar panels are much lighter and take up less space compared to traditional fold-up solar panels. This 12V 200W solar panel weighs just 6.8kg. When not in use, it folds down to just 512mm wide by 360mm high, small enough to easily stow away in a storage cupboard.

When you want to use it, simply unfold and lay on the ground or across your car’s windscreen. A charge controller is included, so you can connect directly to a GEL, flooded or SLA battery without any additional hardware.

A carry bag is supplied with a built-in pouch for accessory storage. 

• 200W Output
• Charge Controller Included
• 2A USB Charge Outlet

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.25.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.54.40 PM.png

Evakool 240W Portable Folding Solar Panel 
***No Longer Available***


Portable and easy to set up, the Evakool 240W Tri-Fold Solar Panel lets you conveniently power your camping fridge and other electrical equipment for an enjoyable camping or picnic experience.

The Solar Panel system provides power to be able to run your fridge and still have enough to trickle charge your battery.


With no continuing humming sound and engine fumes like generators you can go anywhere.

SP240w Solar Panel
Evakool 240W.png

Ezy Anchor

Screw in Tent Pegs—Coastal Pack


The Coastal Pack is designed for those who caravan or camp within the coastal areas away from the beach such as grassy coastal caravan parks found here in NZ. 

Simply use a cordless drill or impact driver for easy in and out results. 


  • 1 Driver

  • 6 Ezy Anchors

  • 6 x 280mm Long Screws

  • Storage Bag

Ezy Anchor Coastal Pack

Elecbrakes Pack
Brake Controller + Plug & Play Adapter + Remote

$1,345.00 Includes install

Elecbrakes is the electric brake controller redefining towing. No need to have your tow vehicle modified. Braking is triggered by positive voltage being applied to the brake light circuit. Once braking is triggered Elecbrakes uses Microprocessors and Accelerometers to calculate and provide precise brake response

The 7 pin flat to 7 pin flat Plug & Play adapter is waterproof and is pre wired, taking away any requirement to splice Elecbrakes into the trailers existing circuits.

The in-car remote control. Allows user to control brake response, select user defined programs and activate trailer brakes only by the manual override button.


Elecbrake Bundle.png

AL-KO 50mm Off Road
Trailer Coupling 3.5T 

$546.00 Includes install

Engineered by AL-KO in Australia specifically for extreme off-road adventure, the new AL-KO Off-Road Ball Coupling incorporates extreme vertical and horizontal articulation as well as a quick & easy hitching design that requires no pin or hole alignment.

It’s made from high quality materials designed to endure serious off road use.


ARK XO 50mm Off Road
Trailer Coupling 3.5T

Ark's Extreme Offroad coupling is ideal for getting off the beaten track. It has full off road articulation. Its quick hitch locking system allows you to unhitch in seconds. It's the perfect coupling for on road and off road applications. No more switching between couplings!

                                         *****NO LONGER AVAILABLE*****

ARK - XO 50mm.jpeg

$525.00 Includes install

Cruisemaster DO35

V3Plus - 3.5T

The adventure continues with the DO35 V3Plus taking you further than other couplings - for when off-road articulation is king!

The articulation of the DO35 allows you to take your caravan or trailer anywhere the 4wd can get with its rotational articulation both horizontally and vertically.

But it doesn’t end there… when we talk serious off-road in New Zealand the build quality of the DO35 shines. 

The DO35 has high quality poly bushes and is fully greaseable to reduce wear in the toughest of terrains.

$645.00 Includes install

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 5.59.52 PM.png

Convert your 15A power lead to fit a 10A power outlet whilst adding the additional safety of RCD earth leakage protection. Ideal if you only have a device with a 15A mains plug, and you are located somewhere that does not have a 15A power outlet available. Features a 10A circuit breaker/RCD in case you accidentally overload the device.

No need to get your garage wired to accommodate a 15A plug and safely charge your OPUS batteries.


10A to 15A Wall Coverter.jpg
10m_15A_Mains-Extension-Cable .jpg

Portable RCD with 15A to 10A Mains

Plug Conversion plus 10m Heavy Duty 15A Mains Extension Cable


Gasmate Ducted Heater .jpg

Gasmate Ducted

Camping Heater

Camping in warmth and comfort has never been so easy!


The Gasmate ducted camping heater is a new revolutionary safe way to heat tents, caravans and camper trailers. Simply fire up the heater and insert the ducts – it’s that easy!

  • Safety features include ODS, flame failure and tip over safety

  • Oxygen Depletion System – Enhanced safety device which senses oxygen levels and switches off the entire unit when at a low level

  • Includes safety “tip-over” switch that halts the supply of gas to the unit should it be accidentally knocked over

  • Flame failure safety system – If flame goes out, gas shuts off

                                 ******NO LONGER AVAILABLE******

The incredibly lightweight Dometic CPB101 portable gas BBQ boasts a high heat output of 11.5 MJ/h, powerful enough for all your cooking needs.
A spacious cast iron cooking plate and grill with a high dome lid ensure you can feed family and friends at the campsite, outside your OPUS, or at the beach.


Dometic_CPB101 BBQ_OPEN.png


Air Sun Canopy (Inflatable)

Fits OP2 and OP4 


 Inflatable Sun Awning 2.jpg
 Inflatable Sun Awning 1.jpg

Looking for a lighter feel?

Our new Inflatable Sun Awning gives you light & breezy shelter in lieu of your annexe and features a variety of zips, clips, velcro and fittings to make it our most versatile and adaptable product to date!

Designed to suit all generations of OP4 and OP2 campers and with the ability to pump up separately or plumb into your main inflation beam, this awning is a game changer for Spring and Summer camping.

Sun Canopy



Shorter trips away are made even easier with the Sun Canopy Awning for the OP Lite. Specifically made to fit the OP Lite’s smaller dimensions, this awning is made out of the same robust material as OPUS annexes and provides protection from rain, hail or shine right outside your camper doorstep. Quick set up in under 5 minutes, the sun canopy can pack away while still attached to the main tent. You can also attach the sun canopy to the front of your OPUS annexe for even more room.

Product dimensions: 15.7kg 95x35x17cm

Sun Canopy (OPLITE).png
OPLite Awning.png

Capsule Room 

Fits OPLITE (Inflatable)


Need an extra room for the kids on those family getaways? Want to store your adventure toys out of sight? The Capsule room is the perfect solution. The lightweight and robust material is the same as that used on the OPUS Air Annexe, giving you plenty of protection from those hot summer rays. The Pod Capsule room also comes complete with an inner tent, allowing you to zip it up and create a separate room from your Air OPUS Annexe.

Product dimensions: 8.2kg 65x30x27cm

Pod Capsule Room (OPLITE).png

WEBASTO AT2000STC DIESEL HEATER - 1 OUTLET (2KW) (factory fitted)


Offering automatic room temperature control, the energy efficient Webasto Diesel Heaters allow you to set and forget. You simply need to program in a desired temperature and the heater will deliver hot blown air until the desired temperature has been reached. Thanks to their low fuel consumption, they’re a great option for those of us who need to run them for long periods of time. 
– Fully electronic microprocessor control
– Continuous monitoring
– Power stage to cut heating times
– Smooth automatic room temperature control with a temperature pre-set facility
– Low fuel and power consumption, suitable for longer periods of operation


Webasto Heater.jpg

ARK XO 750 Jockey Wheel

$545.00 Includes install

Extreme Offroad Series (XO) Jockey Wheel is probably the toughest, most advanced Jockey Wheel in NZ and Australia today. But not only is it tough, it’s also versatile – with multiple height options, a highly maneuverable trailing yoke design and five different yoke locking positions. Ideal for NZ's often soft-soil conditions, this is a great addition for people looking to park up wherever they want, whatever the weather.

ARK XO 750.png

750kg rating



The two tone weave is designed to be warm, non slip and allows the air to circulate whilst stopping insects from coming through.This easy to clean matting is hemmed for extra strength and has pegging eyelets around the matting to prevent tripping. Available in a range of sizes.

Breathable fabric ensures that underlying grass is not killed
Hemmed edges for extra strength, eyelets for pegging and reusable carry bag
Designed for keeping dirt, mud and sand from being walked into RV, caravan, camper trailer or tent

Camec Floor Matting.png



Camec Premium Camper Trailer Covers have been designed and manufactured to protect camper trailers such as your OP4 or OP2 from being exposed to harsh climatic conditions.

Quality - Specially manufactured using a composite of two materials comprising a water resistant roof section for maximum protection, weather resistant breathable side panels which allows the cover to breathe and moisture to evaporate resisting rot and mildew.

Protection - The cover will provide excellent protection against acid rain, industrial pollutants, tree sap, bird droppings, dust and weather damage caused by leaving your OP4 or OP2 uncovered whilst exposed to the weather.


Practicality - These covers are lightweight and easy to fit and have practical features such as nylon straps attached to both the front and rear plus four reinforced tabs with eyelets at both front and rear so that the cover can be made nice and taught ensuring it is securely fastened for all weather conditions.

Camev cover.png
OP4 Camec Cover.png

All prices subject to change without notice.