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Carry bikes, canoes and kayaks on top of your OPUS Camper with the genuine roof rack. Radically increase your carrying capacity and take all your toys on your next OPUS adventure. There's a reason almost all our OPUS camper trailers sell with one of these installed. 

The OPUS Camper roof rack comes fitted to your OP4 or OP2 with installation included in the price. Supports up to 200kg of weight and easily swings up and out of the way to set up your camper.

OPUS Roof Rack

$1,149 NZD inc. GST

Wherever you can take an LPG bottle, you can take the HOTTAP. One of our most popular upgrades, the HOTTAP is a perfect addition to your OPUS camper trailer. It’s the world’s smallest water heater in its class. And enjoying a HOTTAP shower is as easy as flipping a switch!

The HOTTAP is a portable hot water system that lets you have hot water and showers anywhere you want. Very easy to set up - it runs off of your 9kg BBQ gas bottle and everything connects in seconds with standard gas and hose fittings. See the HOTTAP OUTING kit which includes our 12V FLOTAP pump if you need a complete off-grid solution.


$349 NZD inc. GST


$499 NZD inc. GST

Comes with an LPG Quick Connect as standard! The HOTTAP OUTING is a complete hot water system for off-grid use, including the legendary HOTTAP as well as the rugged 12V FLOTAP6 pump with all power connections and water inlet hoses.

The HOTTAP is a portable hot water system that lets you have hot water and showers anywhere you want. Very easy to set up - it runs off of your 9kg BBQ gas bottle and everything connects in seconds with standard gas and hose fittings. 

With the GASKNECT Couple Set you will be able to quick connect/disconnect your gas hose to/from your HOTTAP without worrying about leaks or tightening the thread.

Rated to 2.6Mpa working pressure, this coupling set is compatible with any portable LPG cylinder and appliance. The female plug attaches to the cylinder hose and the male to the appliance – your HOTTAP, camping kitchen or BBQ, for instance. Connecting and disconnecting becomes a simple snap-on/snap-off affair.


Leak-proof Convenience | Auto-close Safety Valve | Full Gas Approval


$499 NZD inc. GST

FLOTAP 12v Pump Kit

$199 NZD inc. GST


Have water on tap anywhere you go. Whether you want to draw from a bucket, jerry can, vehicle tank, creek or lake, the FLOTAP 12V Pumping Kit is the perfect complement to your HOTTAP or similar water heater.


Runs dry without damage | Self-primes up to 1.8m | Uses standard connections | Includes 12V power leads | Noise-absorbing pump mounts | Thermal overload pump protection 

Outback Plumbing


Why bother with unwieldy water tanks when New Zealand abounds in beautiful creeks, rivers and lakes? Simply connect this kit to your HOTTAP Outing, and you can draw water straight to your campsite.


massive reach—20m | Outback durability | No need for changing filters | Stays submerged | Standard quick-connect fittings | UV resistant braided hose | Easy to clean stainless steel filter | 816kpa pressure rating

$95 NZD inc. GST

Ensuite Double Shower Tent

$269 NZD inc. GST


Another very popular addition to your OPUS camper trailer, our customers say the extra space of the double's dry changing room is well worth it. Joolca’s sturdy Ensuite Double shower tent is a bit like a ship in a bottle; it looks impossible, but it pops up in seconds!

What emerges is a two-room en suite, complete with shower space, separate dry changing room, windows, drainage, ventilation, valuables compartment, toiletries organiser, removable laundry hamper and interior as well as exterior towel lines. In conjunction with the Joolca HOTTAP, this is a great choice.

Ensuite Single Shower Tent

$209 NZD inc. GST


Like the Ensuite Double, Joolca’s sturdy Ensuite Single shower tent makes showering in the bush easy, convenient and fun!

It pops up in seconds providing you with entire bathroom in the bush, complete with door and window, drainage, ventilation, valuables compartment, toiletries organiser and a compartment for dry clothes as well as a removable dry laundry hamper. In conjunction with the Joolca HOTTAP, this is a great addition to your OPUS camper glamping experience!

Ensuite Double Awning Kit

$99 NZD inc. GST


With the Open Plan awning kit, your Joolca Ensuite Double grows from its separate shower and change rooms to, well, double as an open-air kitchen or washing and drying space.

A one-piece fly and awning offers protection from rain. A movable wall shields you from the wind. A durable floor keeps feet clean and dry. And it all easily packs into your existing Ensuite carry bag. As far as accessories go, this really is something extra! A great and luxurious addition to your OPUS pop top camper experience.

e-Go Titanium Caravan Mover

$1,499 NZD inc. GST

e-go Titanium sets a new benchmark in affordable, top quality caravan movers. Fitted with the same alloy-bodied drive units as the top-of-the-range e-go models.

Easily fits to your AirOPUS Camper Trailer or caravan enabling you to move your unit effortlessly via remote control into the trickiest spots. Price includes installation.

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